Asset Management

Maintaining quality property services greatly assists securing quality tenants.
Having quality tenants on lease terms that are beneficial and sustainable whilst negotiating to create solutions and outcomes that create future growth results in increased asset value and is the fundamentals of asset management.

Our expert services include:

  • Asset Maintenance

    Growing and enhancing the asset value by identifying strategies to improve and sustain the asset and its tenants occupancy is a key focus at Elite.

    Asset Maintenance is a key factor in building preservation and orderly property management and it also satisfies the requirement to comply with regulations and at the same time as preserving the standard of presentation and accommodation offered to the tenants.

    A well maintained and an exceptionally well presented building assists in the tenant decision making process and preserving asset value. To this end engaging qualified quality contractors to provide preventative and corrective maintenance is a vital factor and engaging with the property owner in the first instance to embark on a programme of best practice to allocate funds for the upgrading and improvement of the asset during the term of the leases is an essential function of asset management that enables skilful property management.

    Asset management is to include the function of asset performance and property owner expectations and to this end an annual review of the asset performance against projections and the efficiency and effectiveness of measures put in place on all aspects of the building enable all parties to work towards a common goal. A low $ per square metre may not necessarily mean an efficient maintenance delivery but may mean a low level of maintenance activity resulting in poor asset condition and the converse is also true however a high $ per square metre may indicate an inefficient service delivery however it may result in high standards of maintenance and lesser and fewer other maintenance costs.

    Asset preservation is the essence and engaging the team that can best achieve this creates an effective and efficient asset.

  • Asset Management Principles

    Principles of Asset Management include;

    • A life cycle plan;
    • Evaluation plan which is an assessment of the asset during it's life cycle;
    • Accountabilityfor the condition, use and performance of the asset and a control structure for the asset to be managed.
    • Asset Management is derived from practical experience and reasoning and strategic asset planning and practical application to the asset.

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